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Kristen Dold is Chicago-based journalist who has written for GQ, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Rolling Stone, Travel & Leisure, New York Magazine, Men’s Health, Marie Claire, Vogue.com, Complex, Details, Vice, Esquire.com, Du Jour, Bloomberg.com, Architecturaldigest.com and Runner’s World, among others. Kristen previously held editor roles at Details and Women’s Health magazines, and holds a B.A. from the University of Notre Dame. Her first gig out of college was working as a NBC production assistant for shows like Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.


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Health and Wellness 
Why Just 2 Minutes of Silence a Day Could Change Your Life, Vogue.com 
The Single Best Cure for Insomnia That No One Is Talking About, Vogue.com
Can Acupuncture Get You Pregnant? Marieclaire.com 
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Should You Be Exercising Less? DETAILS
How to Breed a Super Baby, Men’s Fitness 
Is Your Tap Water Safe? Women’s Health
The Do’s and Don’ts of Protein, GQ.com
Does Not Commute, Women’s Health
Nutrition School, Dr. Oz The Good Life
Instant Health Upgrades, Women’s Health
How to Break Your Tanning Habit for Good, Cosmo

Beauty and Grooming
We Just Solved Prince William’s Balding Problem, GQ
Moving the Needle, Du Jour
What’s the Deal with Infrared Saunas? Women’s Health
True Grit, Women’s Health
Spring Fragrances, GQ.com
Compete With the Cold, Women’s Health
Relax. This is Going to Hurt, DETAILS
Gift Guide, Bloomberg.com
Protect Your Neck, Bloomberg.com
New Styles for Gym Hair, Women’s Health
How to Stop Aging in 2016, Bloomberg.com
Skincare at 30, Women’s Health
Celebrity Bang Transformations, Women’s Health
The Details Grooming Guide

Inside the World of Bespoke Porn, Rolling Stone 
How to Drown Out Your Neighbors, architecturaldigest.com
These Filmmakers Just Expertly Trolled Their Indiegogo Supporters, Esquire.com
Should You… Vape? DETAILS
The Best Fall TV Shows, Men’s Fitness
We Don’t Care How Many Grammy’s You Have- Your Hair Sucks, DETAILS
How to be a Social Media Climber, Women’s Health
Female Founders On Top, Women’s Health
Celebrities and Athletes Who Give Back, Mensfitness.com
What It’s Like to Be a Muslim Woman in the US Right Now, Women’s Health
What Adoption Looks Like, Womenshealthmag.com

Chicago’s Next Act, Travel & Leisure
Waldorf Astoria’s Eccentric New Ad Campaign, Starring Olga Kurylenko, T Magazine
The Best Digital Tools for Travel Journaling, Travel & Leisure
The Crazy Tests New Planes Go Through Before Flying, Travel & Leisure 
Why Does Your Airplane Coffee Taste So Weird? Travel & Leisure
Why Do Planes Leave Trails in the Sky? Travel & Leisure
Travel Photographers Worth Following on Instagram, Details.com
Color Therapy: Vibrant Hotels Offer Mental Getaways, Details.com
The Most Amazing Underground Homes, Details.com
The World’s Sexiest Fitness Destinations, Details.com
Chicago’s Best New Hotels, Jetsetter.com
America’s Coolest College Town Hotels, Jetsetter.com
Women’s Health Best Cities

9 Designers Breaking All The Rules, Complex
Fall Fashion, RedEye
The Best New Workout Clothes, DETAILS
Holiday Dresses, Nastygal.com
Saved By the Statement Coat, Nastygal.com
Brands That Are Pushing the Envelope With Innovative Materials, Complex.com
Closet Therapy, Women’s Health
Set the Right Tone, Women’s Health
How to Survive Holiday Travel, Complex.com

John Legend, bloomberg.com
Dwayne Wade, GQ.com
Mark Ronson, DETAILS
Darren Criss, GQ.com
Christopher Bailey, DETAILS
Liam Hemsworth, Women’s Health
Ryan Lochte, Women’s Health
Chace Crawford, Details.com
Victor Cruz. GQ.com
Billy Reid, Details.com
Cam Newton, GQ.com
Brooklyn Decker, Details.com
Michael Bastian, GQ.com
Brunello Cucinelli, GQ.com
Kate Upton, GQ.com
James Franco, GQ.com


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